A new paradigm for leadership is emerging. Women are at the forefront. As a woman leader, you’ve been wanting this for some time.

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  • "SO GRATEFUL for YOU! What I've learned has literally changed my life! Just, thank you! I cannot say enough good things about the feminine knowledge course we just wrapped!  I'm having a blast and my wish is that all women could find this for themselves. ANITA, you go girl."–Rebecca Ball, actress in NYC


If you are:

  • Aware you are a leader in a world that is profoundly out of balance.
  • Hungry to make a powerful contribution in your industry.
  • Ready to learn the best tools that will prepare you for an arresting future.

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“A real paradigm shift will not be measured not by the number of women in public office or at heads of businesses alone, but how much we collectively value the feminine, the body, the soul, by how much we honor and embrace our sexuality, cultivate intimacy and connection, and deliberately choose to integrate the entire spectrum of what it means to be human.”

~ Anita Teresa Boeninger, Founder, The Embodied Femme

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  • "I feel super rejuvenated and light. The sacred hike was magical and glad I spent it with sisters who are supportive and full of love. Thank you."
    –Tatiana Dellipiane, Actress, Women's Sensuality Coach

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